oil HELP

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Oct 4, 2003
had my 750 (1969) just a short time and enjoying too,BUT
Oil every where. last owner put on a new Mikuni, this works great.
but this mod as caused a oil problem! where tthe existing
air filter back plate is.( orig filtersnot in use) there is a small
vent hole (i guess) when the motor is warm it spewes Oil
WOTS WRONG how do i stop or divert this
tanks alot :cry: :cry:

1970 triumph Daytona -------4 SALE
1969 750 commando======4 keeps

Just a thought, perhaps it is the automatic chain oiler pipe. Most people block that line off these days.

Thats is probably not what it is, but would be an easy fix. Let us know how you get along,
that is where the engine finaly ends up venting. the engine vents to the oil tank than the tank vents to the air filter. I would try running the oil level on the LOW mark first to give it more room in the oil tank . if this does not fix it than you might have to much blowby in the engine. yuo could rerout the vent to the rear of the bike.

I would run a leak down test but it sounds like it very well could leaky rings. how many miles on this top end?? did you try the droped oil level?

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