norvil head steady/tank clearance

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Feb 20, 2008
After mounting the norvil head steady, the clearance between the tank and the front lower bolts on each side is VERY small.Has anybody else experienced with this set-up. The thought of spending a couple hundred dollars to wear a hole in my tank would upset me.
Never fitted one myself partly because of this issue which is mentioned in the NOC notes I think.
I fitted a "tower type" head steady to my fastback with a norvil aluminum tank and had the same problems. I had to grind down the leading edge of the heim joint and then "dimple" the tank to get the clearance. You can also shim the tank up a little. In the end a few little mods got me minimal clearance. Good catch!
Which head steady is this? Have, I think, this one on mine, and can't recall an issue with clearance, which bolt a picture? Might be talking about an entirely different one. If it is the head steady I think it is, there is at least one modification I will be making to it in the future, as it has at least one feature that is poorly designed, but other than that, it is a vast improvement over the original type., so find a solution, as mentioned above... :)
The head steady that I am using is the "Taylor" version. There is a good picture of it on the website. It may not give clearance issues with standard tanks but with the norvil fastback tank, it is a close fit. This is just one of the many challenges that keep us young!
OK...That's not what I have, I have the old type that sort of looks like an isolastic but has no great ability to adjust it as the bottom ones do. That is a real improvement over the original type but if a bit old, wears the center bolt because of a bit of poor design. I did want to get the type you have, as that looks like it is a real good way to handle the situation, but it will have to wait till Santa thinks about it, I tend to do the things I HAVE to do to ride safe and legal, so "nice toys" and optics tend to be the last to get the go ahead from the chief. Which bolt hits the tank???
I had the same problem with the Norvil HeadSteady and a steel Roadster tank, and yes it did buzz a hole in my tank which was caused by that top bolt protruding too close to the inside well of the tank where the main spine tube runs. After draining the tank and preparing the tank to remove All traces of fuel vapor, I was able to silver solder braze the hole closed. My tank was washed out three times with tide laundry soap and then filled with water just to be sure it was explosion proof. I then used a ball peen machinist hammer and created a clearance near this area and solved my problem. You may wish to try a Button Head Cap Screw instead of the hex head bolts that they supply with the head steady. You can get these in Stainless Steel allen head cap screw. It still may be too tight... My Two Cents worth.
what I ended up doing is removing the washers supplied with spring washers half the thickness and I saved 70 thou total.I havent taken it out for a pull yet, but I will find out in a couple of weeks.
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