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Aug 24, 2005
A very informative, and at times funny DVD is available through the INOA, Mick Hemmings strip and rebuild of a Norton twin motor,,Mick has also produced a DVD on Norton gearbox strip / rebuild, should be available near Christmas -- both DVD's are good stocking stuffers, cost around $50 US, even old hands will learn something from Mick. Ride safely. James.
If the Mick Hemmings video is funny then the original one by the late John Hudson is a riot! Watching him chase a gearbox across a slippery table with wooden mallet is a hoot! I guess a proper English gentlemen would never mount the case in a vice!
Ron, is the Hudson video all about how NOT to do your gearbox? Sounds pretty entertaining!

I have my gearbox apart right now (good opportunity with the engine out) but I loosened everything while it was still in the frame. Trying to crack that mainshaft nut loose with the gearbox in a vise? I don't think that would work very well. Mine probably would have ended up bouncing off the floor :shock:

If the countershaft sprocket is still on the mainshaft, put a drive chain around it and secure it to keep the mainshaft from turning.
I do the same as VA Rebel, put a short length of old chain around the sprocket and secure the ends in a vice. Then break loose the mainshaft nut and while it's still secure, release the sprocket nut. If the sprocket is already off the gearbox, then I'll use an air driven impact wrench to release the mainshaft nut.
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