Norton 850 Gearbox is chewing Sleeve Gear Pinion Bushes.

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Oct 1, 2007
Hi all.
I have a problem with my sleeve gear pinion bushes( 4 th gear).
The main shaft runs through these bushes, to connect with the clutch.
It is the second time now, that I have discovered that these bushes seem to be feeding( worming) themselves back inside into the gearbox. and they are getting chewed up! there are 2 bushes inside this gear pinion.

Has any one had a similar problem? and know how to cure it? They seem to be a snug fit when they are reinstalled new.
Do they need any locktite to secure them?

Any help would be appreciated.


Norton 850 is chewing sleeve pinion gear bushes.

I just fitted a new sleeve gear to my 750. Jim Eades only supplies the type for the last 850,s and they have a snap ring fitted to each end to stop that problem. I would try loctite before a new sleeve gear.

Check the mainshaft for true. That heavy rotating mass of clutch on the end of the mainshaft doesn't help things. Thats why serious racers fit an outrigger bearing.
It can be hard for gear lube to get in and stay in this hardest working spot. Loctite Bearing retainer was made for this job. Check your main shaft with an indicator that reads in .0001's It is possible that it has twisted without coming out of round to badly. This could create a finish on the surface that could act as a screw to the bushings. You are not alone one man is running ATF in his tranny to get the lube to this area we all await the results of his efforts.
Thanks, guys!
Hey Ron! can you please explain what a outrigger bearing is in more detail. I am an aussie and have not heard of that before.

A picture may help. Look near the bottom of the page.
And one installed here, fourth from the bottom.
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This is a bracket with a bearing to support the end of the mainshaft after the gearbox sprocket and before the clutch. Because of the way they mount, the inner chaincase needs to be removed or heavily modified, necessitating a conversion to belt drive.
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Thanks for the info, and links! Ron L and you other guys!
If you living closeby I would shout you all a "beer".

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