Norton 16H

Jul 6, 2008
G/day everybody this is my first experience on any forum hope someone can help

I am trying to put the clutch back together on my 1940 16H
I think i have everything right way around but cannot engage the clutch spring screws to hold it all together
would appreciate any ideas

thanks Webby
Hello Webby, Only just seen your post so you've probably sorted it by now. There's nothing too odd about the pre-AMC Norton clutch although the rubbers are always fun.

Something must be wrong because it's usually straightforward to pull the pressure plate down. Are you doing it in situ ? Does it fit together if you try it 'loose' ?

It would be handy to know what literature / drawings you have. A photo might be useful too.
Hi Webby - A mate of mine recently renewed the clutch plates on his 51 ES2 and had found there was one short. He added another which resulted in the same problem as you have. I had heard that the new cork plates were a little thicker than originals and that could be the problem!! Did you renew 'em and can you compare with the old ones for thickness?
Hello 79x100
Sorry for the delay in responding have been out of town.
Yes it all seems to fit together loose.
Looking at the manual I have just obtained i now realise i am missing
the clutch plate retaining clip & cover.
I cannot see how either of these parts would stop the pressure plate being pulled down.
The manual is titled
Maintance manual & Instruction book
for motor cycle solo 16 H 490 cc s.v
Norton motors LTD

As for sending a photo, mate i,m just an old plumber i will have to waite
for my teenage daughter to get home

cheers Webby
Hello Tony C
Thanks for the info.
I haven,t renewed any thing yet i am just sorting things out of a box
making shure i have all the bits.
All part of the fun
cheers Webby
Hello Webby, I have a copy of the book and diagram that you're looking at. There have been several revisions to the Norton / AMC clutch and I have seen different lengths of spring studs and cups. The trouble is that I can't say for certain which is which.

As you say, the problem doesn't lie with the lack of clip ring or the plate cover (The cover is just a band to keep oil off the plates as the original cork type don't like too much oil) The later clutches had bonded linings which solved the problem. The Norton clutch was designed to run dry and didn't take too kindly to oil.

THe early type drum with pressed in corks is best modified if you want reliable clutch engagement.

Ken McIntosh in NZ is good on Norton transmission parts (and has his own 1939 WD 16H in addition to all those Manxes).

Have you seen Rob van den Brink's WD Norton site ?

I'm assuming yours is a WD model (does it have a four digit frame number with a 'W' prefix )?