Nology Mini Coils for Boyer?

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Sep 8, 2005
:?: Has anyone tried the Nology mini 3 ohm. coils on a Boyer? Look neat. 2 single fire coils on a bracket. Would like to use them on a 850 commando. If so, how did you wire them? Thanks in advance
Dont know what thowe coils are but original commando coils are 6 volt wired in series to take 12 volt from boyer with one spark wasted on cylinder that is not firing, so your coils need to be compatible with this. If they are 12 volt coils you would need to wire them in parallel, there is a posibility this may overload boyer. Why not contact boyer direct?
It is recommended to use a coil with more than 3 ohms resistance with the Boyer. The ProFire PFC-30D double lead is listed at 3.0 ohms nominal with 2.4 ohms actual. This might be risky. I'd suggest contacting Nology and Boyer first.
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