New to Norton and new to this forum

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Apr 7, 2009
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Hi to all,

This week I became the owner of what I think is one of the most (if not the most) beautiful motorbikes of the seventies.
At the age of 16, I had the honour to sit for a while on such a bike, owned by the president of a bikersclub in the Belgian mediaeval town Bruges, called "The Iron Horse" and I can hardly explain what went through me that moment.
Now, 38 years later, I've got the opportunity to buy one in an outstanding condition. The bike has been fully restored by a HD-dealer who used to race with them. Twenty years ago, he bought a second-hand MKIII with a 750 cc. Combat engine. The aim was to rebuild the bike but when eventually - six years ago - it was finished, he took it out for a short ride after which he had to decide his poor health didn't allow him to ride it anylonger. Next, he wanted to place it in his lounge but didn't get the approval from his wife... So he had to make a heartbreaking choice and eventually, fortunately for me, he kept his wife.

It still has to get through to me and I'll have to rearrange my garage to give the Norton Production Racer a place next to the Buell S1 and the Ducati MHR Mille.

Here's a picture of how it looked like at the previous owners workshop:

New to Norton and new to this forum
Welcome to the forum from your echo (Paul).

That is a cool proddy racer, you will enjoy it!
Welcome to the forum Paul,

I hope you get plenty of enjoyment from your Commando.
Welcome Paul, That is a very nice Norton, I love the color. I also have a Buell S1, It must be the torque we are after. :D
Thanks for the words of welcome !
@ Hortons Norton: absolutely right !
But can you imagine I don't know at all yet how my Norton rides ? :shock: We managed to start the engine but it was clear that carbs settings and ignition are wrong so I made an appointment with an experienced Norton dealer first. Also the tyres must be changed, etc.
As mentioned before, the previous owner was/is a motorcycle mechanic so I suppose he knows how to rework a bike. He helped me renewing the fork seals, fitting new clip-ons etc. but didn't want to spend much more time on it (and certainly no more money). So I took the risk. Taking in account the price of all the new parts he fitted (I've got all invoices), I think it was a good buy. Initially, he wanted the restore the bike for himself, had no plans to sell it so he didn't make any compromises and that convinced me.
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