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Hello All,

My name is George, just signed up and looking forward to having some fun here. I've owned a 75 Commando since 1986. She's black with gold pinstriping and original except for the typical mods- peashooters, Hyde seat, euro bars, bar end mirrors, boyer and K&N air filters. Had Hyde rearsets, clubman bars and a 1/4 fairing for lots of years but took that stuff off a few years ago to get back to a more original look. Motor is stock, tranny was rebuilt around 1990.

My 10 year old son will be riding with me this year so I want to get the Norton up to snuff. Couple of probs I could use some advice with; clutch pull...what can be done to make it a bit easier on the forearm? Would soaking the cable in a bucket of WD-40 help? Doesn't look like there's any binding in the cable but it's a bugger after a while. :roll:

Tranny gets hard to shift up and down in the lower gears after 10-20 miles. It's ok at first but gets progressively harder to shift. I've adjusted the clutch but no measurable difference. Seems like something internal is going on like a worn return spring or shift pawl?

I'm also looking at replacing the Amals with a single Mikuni. After all these years of fighting with inconsistent idling I'm ready to give up the ghost and go 'modern'. I hate it when it stalls in traffic. :x Looks like 34mm is a popular choice but I see 36 & 38mm kits for sale also. Pros & cons?

Thanks in advance...

I can second dynodave's post. I just finished a clutch on a friend's Interstate. I used a nylon lined (Barnett) cable, one of dynodave's clutchrod seals, and spaced the diaphragm spring using a spacer from Fred Eaton at Old Britts. You can get them from him in .065, .070, and .075 thickness. The clutch is a bona fide one finger pull and no slipping.

Hiya George,

Welcome to the forum !!!

You'll find the answers to all your Norton mysteries (as you've already found out) amongst the membership. The knowledge base here continues to amaze (and humble) me :shock:

I can tell you're a serious Norton owner when you refer to your Norton in the female gender :wink:

So how's the snow in New Hamster :?:
Hi George

I've fitted a belt primary drive to my 72 combat, and the clutch pull is now much lighter, and quieter too! I've also fitted a single 34mm Mikuni, which I can't praise enough. Bike starts on the money, and pulls smoothly, perhaps loses a little at extreme top end, but I ride other bikes for that....

Enjoy your ride

Anyone have a recommendation on who sells the best Mikuni kits or are they all the same?
Thanks for the welcome guys,

Not a whole lot of snow this year but it sure has been cold :!: The coldest winter in 50 years.

Dave, I came across your site through another post. Haven't been through it all yet. So far it's a goldmine. :)

I tend to agree the Norton is more of a touring bike these days. Mine gets the gentlemans treatment. Haven't done the ton in quite a while though she's still got it in her. Leisurely rides through the countryside on a sunny weekend day are a 'ton' of fun. And the occasional blasts to 80 with no fairing seems more like the ton. :lol: Like you guys I have other bikes for the faster stuff.

Hadn't heard of the diaphram spacers for the clutch. Hopefully these clutch mods will take care of my shifting woes and it won't require any internal fussing with the transmission. Charlie Downing rebuilt it for me so I'm sure it has many miles to go.

The Mikuni is a definite this year. Been watching ebay for a 34mm kit. Matter of fact I'm going to check it right now.

Later guys,

Well, today my 10 year old has basketball playoffs so anywhere from 1 to 3 games and a pizza party/awards ceremony after. And my 8 year old has his last bb game of the season today.

Tomorrow we have 2 hockey games, one at 6am the 2nd at 9am. And I have a baseball coach's clinic from 1:30 to 5:30pm. Oh yeah, tonight were having 3 couples over for a Valentine's dinner.

Taking Monday off for a skiing/boarding day.

The sports stuff is pretty much year round with hockey, soccer, bb, baseball, skiing and karate. We usually squeeze in a few weeks of 'nothing' in the summer but my 10 year old tries out for travel hockey next month so I'll be lucky to catch a glimpse of the bikes. :shock:

I used to be more involved with NNENO in my previous life. :lol: Really enjoyed the 6 State Runs to Auburn in June. Did the 6 State Capitals Run one year that was one heck of ride. I'll put the meetings on the calendar and see what happens.

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