"New" Aussie Norton

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Not too shabby!

Certainly looks like it could be built for le$$ than the Dreen Norton were looking to cost.
This is indeed a pretty ,classic appearing machine...but another one of those dumb questions I like to ask. Can anyone call this a Norton, if it wasn't in the least bit manufactured by Norton? I can't see the decal on the tank, but I can't imagine it saying Norton unless he has a good lawyer. Someone still owns the trademark, or?
None the less, a very pretty and surely fun bit of motorcycle....
There are still some Norton bits on this one. Forks sliders, hubs, gearbox shell, etc.

I guess it's as much Norton as a Saleen or Roush Mustang is a Ford or a Callway Corvette is a Chevrolet!
Isn't there some basic rule that the machine has to have the frame, or perhaps at least the motor, to acquire the name of the manufacturer? If there isn't some sort of rule for this, then putting a Honda directional light on your commando, will let you go to the registration people and register your machine as a Honda...might be seeing it wrong, but just a few bits, don't make it a Norton.
That's very intriguing as I was under the impression "The Village Norton " had closed it doors back in the 1990s~

In fact approached them or the previous owners at the time in view to getting them to build me a Fastback .

In Hindsight I should have gone with them ~ I was quoted $13 K to build a basic original 750 or even 850 Fastback ~ (That was 1993.)

Thanks Ron ~
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