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Dec 24, 2003

If you mean the best quality, it has to be the Viking systems by Paul Bryant in NZ.

I have seen them side by side with Toga silencers and there is no comparison, but then they are exy.

He builds mostly triple systems and the only Norton systems on the web site are 2 into 1 but he will build to order. Also, if you let him know the outside diameter of your headpipes (original vs pattern) he will build the silencers to match.

If this is for your CNW 360 build then its the only option. Be brave :)


Thanks for the reply.

What difference did they make to the performance when you fitted them?

What mufflers were you using before fitting the "Viking" mufflers ?

Sorry i have only seen them on triples and because there are few joints/leakage on the Viking system compared to the original, performance is up as you would expect, but it wouldn't be hard to improve on the original triple setup :)

Can i suggest that you send an e-mail to Paul Bryant asking him the same question on performance. He has been a regular member of triplesonline for a few years as a trader and enthusiast but doesn't sell if you know what i mean, just giving triple advice. He is very knowlegeable and doesn't bullshit. Seems to know his Nortons as well.

But as i said before...not cheap. I have just asked him for a price on a pair of Peasooters for the MK3. Might need a second mortgage. :)


ps i have no connection with viking just seen his work.
Thanks Scott,

I have already had quotes from "Viking" some time back now & have checked out his web site.

Hoping that some norton owners out there have other ideas/experiences.

Maybe "Viking" are the go, I want to find asking.

I would like to get various opinions from people who have tried different types of mufflers.

Well, if you don't care about the price (double or triple the british ones) then I hear the Vikings are the way to go. I thought they sold the dual exhaust parts too but maybe not. I see the website just shows the 2-1. Personally I prefer the balanced look of the dual peashooters.

My bike has seamless peashooters which I assume are british-made (they have no visible markings). They have internal baffles which keep the noise to a reasonable level but still give that nice Norton sound. They look great too. I really like them.

Have just fitted a pair of Viking peashooters to my 850, replacing a pair of original Dunstall Decibels. Headers are also Viking, non crossover type, have had them for a couple of years.

It is in being retuned to suit the new exhaust in the next day or so - can give a seat of the pants assessment after that.

I need to make my 850 as quiet as possible is there any reason, other than the problem of size and location why i should not fit the silencer from a modern bike
Complete Viking systems for Nortons can be found at also has a larger diameter header/muffler with a longer 'tuned' header.
I don't have experience with either of these but would love to hear feedback from anyone who has.
Old Britts has been very good to deal with - Fred is available to answer questions, and is a Norton owner and racer. Orders ship quickly and and accurately. Clubman has also been good. I bought their 'Taylor'-style head steady earlier this year and have been very happy with the results. To me it is a simpler, more elegant solution compared to the various aftermarket 'isolastic'-style head steadies, all of which apparently can be tricky to set up properly.

Regards, Dan
quiet Commando silencers


The modern silencers are likely very expensive. You might try the annular discharge units from an 850 MkIII, also known as "bean cans". My '74 JPN has these and it sounds similar to a BMW boxer twin. They really don't rob any power compared to the "peashooters" and all the hardware to fit them is readily availalble. Try Andover or Norvil to source these.
Thanks David,

I bought a full exhaust set with the crossover pipe and the bean can silencers from RGM but to be honest the were just as loud as the old peashooters fitted to the bike.

In the UK there are lots of different makes of original equipement japanese bike silencers for sale as the plastic rockets get the standard unit changed for a racing end can in the quest for even more power.

I thought of buying one of these but don't want to just throw money away if they would be entirely unsuitable from a technical point of view.

I din't mind making the effort to get them to physically fit

Test rode today with new pipes after shop had supposedly retuned to suit, couldn't get over 4000 rpm in any gear. Used to start to get interesting at 4000 rpm with Dunstalls.

Just to round the day off got wet on the ride, electrics decided to take the rest of the day off and had to be trailered home - first time in 20 yrs.

Viking mufflers


What got "tuned"...carbs, ignition..etc? What carbs are you using? All ran well with the Dunstalls, right?
I'm runnning a pair of Amal 932's. They were resleeved about 10,000 miles ago and are a bit loose again.

Slides have No 3 cutaways (correct for early 850?), were on 260 jets with Dunstalls. It ran well except that would not reliably idle, i beleive due to the worn carbs, and had a dead spot around 3000 - 3500 revs - wouldn't roll on well if run at that speed for a while. But change down and get the revs up and it would go well.

After fitting the new mufflers running was a bit rough, and wouldn't rev out. Shop suggested rejetting. Now on 230 jets and needles adjusted one level, not sure whether that was up or down. Now runs smoother but still won't rev out. Kickstarter still holds my weight - 90kgs or 200lbs?- so compression is still there.

Running Boyer ignition, no adjustment there that i know of.

All ran well with the Dunstalls, only changed as one left its gattling gun on the road somewhere and both are heavily rust pitted. I prefer the look of the peashooters so was time for a treat. Dunstalls are still in the garage so will refit them to try and see if something else has gone amiss.

poor running

It sounds like you had a problem even with the Dunstalls in the mid range even before the Viking mufflers. It's not likely the resleeved Amals would have worn much in 10,000 miles. I'd look at the Boyer for the problem. Check the low tension leads at the PC board replacement for the points plate. The classic Boyer failure is broken wires at this point due to vibration. The copper stands break inside the insulation at the cable tie giving intermittent contact.
Thanks David,

Will check the Boyer first. Having a few days away so may take a couple of weeks to get to the bottom of it all.

After considering all of the responses, it does seem that the "common" TOGAS are the best value for money. That is to retain the "Norton" look.
Other wise the "Dunstall" mufflers...but I don't like the shape !!!

Is that a reasonable conclusion ?


I have the vikings on my 72 combat and have no trouble running up to 7000 RPM so I dont think it is the silencers. I would look more at the jetting issue. after running mine from sea level and 4000 above I found that I went from 220 mains to 190 for it to run better.

Thanks Bill,

Hoping to have a decent play this weekend but progress to date - two days after the trailer ride, once all had dried out, it started first kick as usual. Have had the "points" cover off, there is a little oil behind the boyer mounting plate - not sure if that is affecting things. Boyer wires are tied to the mounting plate via plastic tie drilled through the mounting plate so they can't bounce around. Plugs don't look great even though they were only changed under 1000 miles ago - will change those before playing.

Currently raining outside so should be a good weekend to be in the garage.

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