Mrs. Robinson is almost ready !!!!!

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Aug 18, 2005
Well what I thought was going to take me just a couple of days to complete is stretching out more than expected but the final steps are drawing near. Mrs. Robinson is in its final stage: the 810 Dunstall kit and engine is in coupled to..........two Wal Philips injectors :twisted: ......the wiring is finally completed. This week-end hopefully I'll have the back wheel,cables and all other miscellaneous in and I should hear some noise coming from its pipes.And, no, the Drouin is not in right now. I decided against it for the time being.......maybe next summer
I'll keep all posted (pix to follow)
Keep me informed as to how that 810 runs....I have one too...and the other guys have only talked it down...... :?
Some positive info would be a nice change :lol:
Well I'm almost there and with the weather being cold and windy today I thought I'd take the day off instead of putting the pipes and connecting the fuel lines (I think it's my final two steps before firing it up other than torquing all once more over)
But in the meantime I thought I'd slap in a few photos for the pleasure and enjoyment of all- mostly to make me feel good and get some tips on what I could better :oops:
thanx in advance to all that will give an opinion- good or bad.
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