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Jan 18, 2004
I have a '72 Roadster in stock trim and I'm considering installing a set of Norvil rear sets. Almost everything I have read suggests that riding comfort can be enhanced by moving the foot pegs back a few inches. This is my reason for considering this upgrade. For the time being I will continue to use the factory seat and factory UK bars, and retain the stock shift pattern.

My questions; Are those of you that have installed rear sets satisfied with this choice? Once installed, can I convert back to the factory set up if I wanted to? Would you recommend changing to a different style seat and/or bars when using rear sets? Are the pillion pegs stll useable with rear sets installed? The Novil sets I am looking at are said to be manufactured by Mick Hemmings; Are these high quality bits and is installation straigtforward? Should I convert to the up for up shift pattern.

As always, thank you to all that take the time to post a reply. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Chuck,

Rearsets can be more comfortable on longer or faster journeys. The roadster setup is a bit too far forward, but if you sit back on the seat it works. In the past I converted a '73 roadster to Interstate with BMW R90S handle bars and linkage type rearsets. The Interstate seat is wider and more comfortable. With the lower bars once you get to speed the air lifts your body so that there isn't a lot of strain on your wrists. If you use a fairing you may not get that lift.

With rearsets the passenger pegs are close to the rider pegs. Yes you can still use them as long as the rider touches at the heel and the passenger at the toe.

These days my rides are all under 300 miles and the stock roadster setup works fine. I also keep it below 70mph or maybe a short blast past that.

Hello Irra.,
I too am considering rearsets for my 850. I was concerned with kickstart lever/leg interference. I have been told that some people rotate their lever ahead on the splines, others rotate the lever backwards. One fellow "Norbsa" (Idon't know if he contributes to this forum or not) sent me this address
action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID+155 It is a picture of his Commando equipped with an Atlas kicklever which is more out of the way.
Notice it uses a reversed shift lever which reverses the shift pattern, the linkage type do not.
You spoke of moving the pegs back a few inches. Every rearset setup I have seen will move them back six inches.
justa thought,

I just received rearsets, model C500 from Clubman Racing. Brand new for $229. Will be installing them today. They look well made, nice welds and good plating, etc. Proper hardware and a full instruction sheet.

These have a linkage for the gearchange to keep the original pattern - mine is pre-Mk3, so my shift is on the right. (C501 is avail for Mk3). From what I can measure they will move the driver pegs back 8 full inches, but still leave room for passenger as-is, tho the passenger will only have toes on the pegs. I never carry a passenger so I don't care. I expect a bit of adjusting, perhaps indexing the starter up or back one click.

Will post a further update after install is complete. BTW I had been bidding for several sets on eBay, but alway dropped out as the auctions reached $200. I figured it would be better to have a brand new set regardless of what was said about the possible better quality of Norman Hyde's, etc.

Stuart Ostroff

"Once installed, can I convert back to the factory set up if I wanted to?"

This depends on the type of rearset chosen. My set from RGM required drilling one of the holes for the footpeg holders oversize to pass a bolt thru to mount the peg. The Hyde and others have a plate which bolts to the original holes in the "Z" plates. These would allow easy conversion back to stock.

"Would you recommend changing to a different style seat and/or bars when using rear sets?"

This is not necessary, but personally I like the lower, narrower European bar with rearsets. Again the seat is a personal preference, the stock '72 seat is not very comfortable and some of the reproductions have deeper foam or the Corbin Gunfighter looks good and is surprisingly comfortable.

"Are the pillion pegs stll useable with rear sets installed?"

While you can use the pillion pegs without modification, I made some new peg mounts from 1/8-inch stainless steel which move them back and up which give more room between the rider's and passenger's feet. I can provide a pattern if you wish.

As I have said before, the biggest problem I see with the rearsets is the interference of the kickstart arm and my right ankle.
Thank you for your responses. Your opinions and information will help me to make a decision. Ron, I would be interested in your plan for moving the pillion pegs back for greater passenger comfort, as I do often carry one of my kids. If you can send them by e-mail my address is: If you need my home address I will be glad to provide it.
One thing I neglected to include in my original posting is that I have also considered changing the exhaust pipes to the "swept back" style. It is my understanding that rear sets are a necessity with this change. Any additional info or opinions anyone might like to provide on this mod would be great!
Rearsets great success!

I completed the installation of the CRA rearsets (I think pretty similar to RGM, maybe made by them). Yes, did need to drill out one of the 3 mounting holes in the plates to accomodate the 3/8-24 mounting bolts. Both pegs are mounted by these single bolts, so it is good they are 3/8" and not 5/16". I rotated the kick start one spline forward and now it clears my ankle. Took a 50 mile shakedown" ride this morning.

Result - significantly more comfortable seating position using my nearly flat bars. Will be even more important when I fit clip-ons coming with my fairing, etc. Shifting just as precise, easy to find neutral.

Great improvement! Stuart Ostroff
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