More modern looking tailight for a Commando????

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Mar 1, 2007
Any ideas where I could get a little more modern looking or Cooler looking rear tailight assembly for my commando. I will of course keep the original??
I don't know about how "modern", but Old Britts sells one that seems to be popular.
More modern looking tailight for a Commando????
The possibilities are endless. Dare I say it, but look at Harley aftermarket on-line shops as the aftermarket tail light selection is very extensive. From cool retro looking cast pieces to total garbage, billet atrocities in the shape of an iron cross.
I like the ole britt taillight

Thanks for all the leads on tailights. I like the ole-Britts one a lot!!
You could try a T140 Triumph tail light housing, plentiful and inexpensive and looks better than the factory fitted rubbish.
The only one I could find on the Old Britts site was an alloy one. Seventy bucks unpolished and 130 polished. Here's the link for that:

I bought one of these and polished it myself. I think it looks great. I much prefer polished alloy to chrome. Mail me off list if you want a shot of what the taillght assembly looks like on my bike. I think it is a huge improvement over the original!
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