Mk III rear iso conversion?

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Jan 4, 2007
I have the rear swing arm out and thought about doing the Mk III iso conversion while I have access to the whole rear of the bike. Anyone think this would now be the time to get rid of the old style isolatisics?
I am not thinking of doing the fronts just yet as I have my hands full finishing the Commando and a BSA on the other bench.
I've only replaced the isolastics with the cradle out of the frame, but I understand it is possible to do it without removing it. However, there is still considerable dismantling involved.

That said, replacing that rear isolastic is an investment in saving time and aggravation later on when checking and setting clearances. I often replace the rear with a vernier and not the front, as the front is quite easy to pop off and take to the bench to clean, lube and shim clearances while clamped in a vice. Of course if the rubbers are beyond their life, a vernier front will go in.
With the bike on a table type lift,front tyre clamped,exaust, Z plates off,front iso off and headsteady removed, after the through ISO bolt was removed (from the left side) it was possible with a engine lift ( cherry picker) and the help of a buddy, the frame was lifted enough to clear the rear mounting tabs, remove the old bushings and spacers and insert the MK111 ISO...thanks to MikeTaglieri for the invaluable info.
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