Minimal wiring diagram?

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Jan 22, 2006
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Anyone know of a just-the-basics wiring diagram for a '75 Commando (or earlier)? I'm looking to minimise my bike and am looking for just ignition, charging, head/tail/brake lights. No starter, signals, idiot lights, etc. Thanks.
That's the one I was looking for. Thanks. The only thing missing from this one is the capacitor big blue thing and that the Commando runs two zener's but I can figure that out by cross reference to the full factory diagram. My mom tells me I'm smarter than I look so I'll find out. But if anyone has any other suggestions I'm open. Thanks again.
Replace your zener's and selenium rectifier with a Podtronics/Boyer/Tympanium electronic regulator/rectifier and simplify it even further!
Podtronics, Boyer, Tympanium are all individual brand names for a rectifier / zener combo. The Boyer appears to have a little more circuitry that allows it to run batteryless, however it is a little larger than the others. From what I understand the Tympanium and Podtronics need a battery.

I am soon to do a 3 phase 180w. with Boyer. Anyone have any comments or experience with this??
I run a 3 phase on my 850 74, works fine and allows lights on all the time, the rotor is common to single and 3 phase so only get the rotor if the old one is down on magnetism. You will also need a 3 phase rectifier, also an extra zener unless you run lights on all the time. 3 phase POD covers rectifer and zener upgrade as an alternative and is more efficent at transfering the juice. Boyer powerbox has reliability problems.
kommando said:
Boyer powerbox has reliability problems.

I appreciate the feedback. I have read various grumblings about Powerbox reliability.
Do we know what the issues are? Are they vibration related, heat related, lead related?
Just wondering because I run a very small battery and like the batteryless function.
I have a Boyer power box on one of my bikes and a Tympanium on the other. I run big 7amp hr mat dry cell on both bikes. The Boyer has a blue can on board had to get a second Tympanium to get the charge rate right. Both bikes work well excepting kill buttons. I am told that both of these units are giving a lot of grief to British Spares in NZ and that they have discontinued carrying both units till it can be sorted out. A lot of thier stuff goes on to older bikes with mags so this could be related. Maybe someone from NZ could update us by calling BS to get the latest on this. Sparx also has it's latest electronic ing. out there being tested by our own Dyno Dave. It's said to work on lower volts than the boyer without crapping out. norbsa
I am using a Lucas 3-phase rotor with a Podtronics regulator/rectifier. Works great. It's a little larger than the Tympanium, but since it is housed in a larger finned housing, does not need a large heat sink to mount. The Tympanium is to be mounted on a surface which can function as a heat sink.

I have heard good things about the Sparx 3-phase system. I am skeptical about their output claims, as if you look at their comparison charts, the Lucas 180 watt shows 196 to their 220 watt unit's 215. Sparx also requires resistor caps or plugs. I don't use them with my Podtronics set up and so far, no problems.
Norvil lists a SS mounting plate for the Boyer power box. Anyone have any experience with this?
And if so, where does it mount?
Electrical diagram

be sure to check out rask cycle wed catalog page 137 for a beautiful simple wiring diagram
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