MAP cycle parts

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Call Marino, the M in MAP and tell him what your doing and looking for.. He very much cares about his product and will be very helpfull to you!

I just wish he would do a NORTON belt drive.....

They are GREAT people!
For a belt drive Tony Hayward in Wales makes the very best, mega strong belt runs in oil so no hacking about of chaincase for ventilation, dead reliable
dmellish said:
anyone familiar with MAP cycle pistons and conrods? Any experience would be appreciated.
i just got a set of there conrods and they look very good and the 7077 alu is very strong i am bilding thrm in my 750 norton
There was a thread on the INOA board about MAP connecting rods and some folks were not happy. Apparently the rod caps are large enough that some grinding of the cases was necessary to get clearance.
I have no personal experience with MAP or the rods.
Search the INOA board for MAP con rods. It was about June 9, 2006

I have found 1x dreaded "D" rod in my engine and was considering the MAP rods for my rebuild (2 obviously). With regards to the problems apparently had, can anybody confirm this with more information as I cannot find the reference to the problems on the INOA site.

Sorry for the lack of information. Go to
Search for map con rods. There are a number of posts combining reference to EFI and map rods. Scroll down and check ths subject. Several messages concern the rods only including #33139, 33149, 33232, 33246.

Thank you NorBsa for beating me to this.. Communication is a very important thing!
MAP has been making and selling quality products for almost three decades.. Was in the forefront of the Battle of the Twins era and in use by MANY vintage racers today.. Gawd you should see the alloy barrels he makes for Triumphs! AND belt drives.. (works of ART) Darn Triumphs, where the numbers are, but then we are not that common are we?? :o)
Some folks just don't read or talk?? Marino is very happy to discuss all the implications and requirments if one asks!
Too many times I have found postings by people who buy something from long time and expert suppliers and can't fit it or make it work AND DON'T call the provider for assistance but just tell the world on the net that the product doesn't work... People NEED to pick up the phone and CALL.. e-mails don't always come out the way they were ment.. pheww ok I'm done.. Happy Labor Day Ya'll
It's hard for me to understand the anger here. Dmellish asked for opinions on map rods and pistons here and the only half way germane answer was to tell him to call Marino. This is a good tip since a name is very helpful, but no one answered his question!
I don't think anybody tried to slam Map. I clearly stated in my original post that I have had no personal experience with them or their product. The posters at INOALIST have had experience with them and had some answers for Dmellish. One poster had a rod failure and was going back to Carillo. One poster felt that he didn't have enough information and had a bad experience on the phone. One poster fitted his rods, was not frustrated with it and had no complaints.
I did not re-read all the posts but did not see any slams of MAP in the ones I read. It seems to me both Map and Dmellis won here and this forum and the internet functioned as they should. It seems to me that it was a fair exchange of ideas. Dmellish learned that this is not a bolt on, where the interference occured, how much he needed to relieve, how much clearence he needed to leave for crank deflection. Map won because Dmellis has a better idea of the task involved and is less likely to be dissatisfied.
Seems that this is communication!

Gosh Skip, didn't mean to come across angry.. things written in email?? I have tho seen where good suppliers were slammed by folks in frustration..
Heck one guy was all over the web with a carb problem and meanwhile the supplier was on vacation and during which provided a tech talk at Norton Rally.. ( he hadn't called to ask about problem anyway)
I just like things to be fair and like to see good guys backed up...
This cyber world at times does not provide for face or voice time.... click order and install... worst than being married??
Good Point and well said Captain, it's the same as text messages, what i don't understand is, if you have to use a phone to send a text message why not ring, especially if it is important.

Skip, No problem.. I got off on a tanget, must have wet sumped..

Dear dmellish, MAP makes REAL quality stuff! Upgrades CAN be tricky..
consult your friendly supplier.... BEST of luck with your piece of motorcyling history! Regards Chris
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