Making K&Ns stay put on Amals

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Jan 2, 2006
Has anyone got a trick to make the slipery (probably silicone) sleves of a K&N air filter stay on the very smooth Amal intake? Seems like my "new" '75 Mk III vibrates a little.

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Mag Racer
I believe that you may still have the adaptor rings (part 03-3027) screwed to the carb intakes, as the Amal Mk 1 intake has an external thread that seems to grip the filter sleeves well enough (well they do on my MkIII). Or do you have Amal Mk2's fitted?
I have had a K&N filter on my mk11 850 amal's with the smooth adapter rings in place for 6 months with no problems of them slipping off.

I was told when I purchased the filter not to over tighten the clamps.
When they are overtightened the plastic or silicon slips off the inlet ring.
My mkII 850 has also had the same arrangement as dgwilson for the last 3 years/10,000 miles and no issues.
Thanks guys. It was, indeed the adapter rings. I didn't even know they were a separate part. My T100R had stock filters. Never got into them.

I love this place, my Norton and the thrill of riding it.

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