Mahindra BSA's

Now if theyed just dropped the engine in one of these suckers , ?
Mahindra BSA's
Mahindra BSA's
These new Goldstars are selling like crazy in the UK.
I quite like them.
They appear to have enough grunt to do two up riding on our mountain highways. Push button start, 5 gears and abs disc brakes are all nice to have.
They have a balancer shaft so the engines run smoothly.
This one seems to pull very well for a fairly low tuned single.

Sounds like you’re interested in getting one Glen?

You gonna test ride one? It’d be good to read your ride report if you did.

MCN in U.K. recently tested one with the RE. Overall the RE won. But actually they’re very close spec wise, so in reality which is best will basically be down to rider preferences.

Depending on what you read, the BSA looks to be around 20lbs heavier than the RE at 469lbs, which might be worth thinking about.
I am quite interested in them. They aren't here in Canada just yet. Hopefully by the time they get here an aftermarket exhaust and other items will be available. The same basic engine was tuned to 50 hp for the Aprilia.
It does appear to scoot along nicely at 45 bhp.
The Missenden Flyer owns a 650 Interceptor. He tried the BSA and thought it had considerably more urge than his Interceptor. That may just be in the type of power delivery. However, if it feels good, it is good!

He also thought it carried its weight lower than the Interceptor and was very light in handling.
The BSA sounds quite nice once the baffle is removed. Apparently that adds a bit of power as well, not surprising.

Yes I would imagine that engine would respond very well to a decent aftermarket pipe. The stock one is a very complex affair, diverting through the cat etc. You’d save a good few KG too, as well as making it sound ‘proper’ !
I like watching this guys reviews, he’s not the most technical, and he sometimes glosses over the negatives, but I like his down to earth, no ego, ‘real world‘ viewpoint.

And, he likes the Beezer…

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It's not a DBD34 but it would likely be much easier to live with than the original DBD34.
One younger owner who bought the 650 Goldstar for its low horsepower rating ( UK licensing?) said, " great I don't have to ride one of those pointy pieces of plastic!"
As in Ninja 250, CBR 250 etc.