Loud mufflers for my 850 Commando

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Mar 1, 2007
I am restoring a 74 850 Commando and have a question concerning exhaust muflers. I would like a set that is kinda loud. Are some sets louder than otheres and if so where can you purchase them??? I missed a set made by Kenny Dreer that was on Ebay a few weeeks ago. They went for around 350 used. I am partial to the peashooter look. Do louder unbaffled strait pipes effect performance and if so how much??? Thanks for any help---Mark c
The 1 1/2 's made by RGM have a good snarl to them. Just look for straight trough's that have nothing but a perforated tube inside.
RGM Motors are in Cumbria in the UK - web rgmmotors.co.uk.

I've dealt with them for many years and found them to be very helpful and their products are good. I have a pair of their 'Blackcap' silencers (mufflers) on my 920 Mk2A - the difference with them is that they are 'straight-through' i.e. no muffling to speak of. They sound great and look very good, the quality of the chrome is excellent.
Shipping heavy objects form England will make you feel raked over the coals . Shop out parts from dealers here in the States on exhaust systems http://www.clubmanracing.com/ and http://www.britcycle.com/ with a U.S. warehouse seem to have fair prices and good shipping prices. http://www.oldbritts.com/ob_start.html has some good parts and prices. and always check at http://www.britishspares.com/ in NZ they have reasonable shipping. I always check their quotes. That is a short list I have shopped at Norvil and RGM lot as well sometimes the price is lower and the shipping costs still make it a better package. You have to shop it out ,web sites make it easier.
I agree that postage costs around the globe can be a real 'stinger' - I've got caught-out a few times myself. I've checked on RGMs website (out of curiosity) and found that it doesn't seem too bad for stuff going to the USA. The mufflers I referred to are £120.00 a pair and after deducting UK VAT Tax and adding the carriage surcharge for the USA the total appears to be £144.66 (only about £18.00 more than local carriage in the UK).
Mark Cigainero said:
I missed a set made by Kenny Dreer that was on Ebay a few weeeks ago. They went for around 350 used. I am partial to the peashooter look. Do louder unbaffled strait pipes effect performance and if so how much??? Thanks for any help---Mark c

I bid on those as well. I would have paid maybe $225 max for those. Nothing special. You can get a brand new all stainless stell set from Epco for $379 so I quit bidding at around $225 and ended up buying Epco's. I was going to go with 1 1/2" but have been told by many to simply stick with the 1 3/8" as the extra diameter of the pipes wouldn't really do anything. iw as told that by Frank at Clubman racing (they sell exhausts and are great to deal with) and Matt at Colorado Norton Works, so I just went with a plain old 1 3/8" system for my MKIII.
These guys are worth a look: http://www.commandospecialties.com/
They don't list their big bore (1.5") system on that site, but they have an eBay store where they usually have a set listed. They just list them as "Made in UK" but they're actually Wassells. I got a set for mine and they're beautiful pipes with a good snort to them.
Be advised this is a whole system though - at the risk of sounding obvious, if you're just looking for mufflers and have the stock 1 3/8" headers the 1.5" mufflers won't fit. I think the separate peashooters they have on their site are also Wassells but in the standard 1 3/8 size.

Mark -

I bought a 75 Commando (Mark III) six months ago. It had the stock-style mufflers with the black cap at the end. Were too quiet for my taste, and my memories of Nortons I owned in the 70's.

I bought the Wassell peashooter style mufflers, from Commandospecialties. Think they were $160 each. Nice sound, and nice finish (no seams showing). OldBrits also carries the same mufflers, for about the same price, and they are great guys to deal with www.oldbrits.com

Good luck
Paul.Smietanka said:
So tell me... are the replacement pea shooters by EMGO really cheesey?

They look ok until the chrome starts peeling. They're too loud for my taste, but a lot of guys like that.

They're the number one choice for guys selling tarted up bikes on fleabay!

BLOODY HELL Debby, certainly don't want to be a Yob tarting up my Commando. Speaking of LOUD, the extra Dunstal [anti] silencers Ed came with: YEEOOW! But I do think I'll use the Dunstal head pipes [w/ flexible crossover] and run the stock [and scraped up] silencers until I find suitable replacements with just a tad more tone. [I just cant stand the OEM units' puff-da, whiff-whiff squeeking, especially at idle.]
I have Wassell peashooters on my 750 and like them. They sound good but are not excessively loud.

I was actually thinking of getting the EMGO Dunstall replica mufflers for my 850. I had real Dunstall mufflers on my old 850 and liked them. The price is certainly attractive on the EMGOs. Not sure how long they'll last though. Perhaps I'd be better off spending a little more up front. I've heard there are other companies making Dunstall replicas that are perhaps better quality (but definitely higher price!)

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