Locked up kickstart

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Feb 19, 2007
Hi everyone I am new to the forum, I have a 750 Mk I 1972 roadster ....

I have just refitted the chaincase because it had a crack and the bottome rear engine bolt was sheared. I replaced the 19 tooth sprocket to 21. However, she is now stuck in 4th and the starter will not budge. I did not touch the gearbox - when I did the work... it was fine beforehand! ANy idea what could have happened. The layshaft bearing was replaced by the previous owner and the gearbox seemed sweet enough... any ideas?
Hello jamest

I can only suggest that you strip the primary again to the point where it frees off, and if you let the forum know what that actual point is then it could help identify the problem, if you don't spot it yourself?

If you have a 1972 Roadster then that ought to make it a Mk IV model 750 (1.72-2.73)?
I would look at the circlip behind the clutch possibly broken or missing allowing the clutch ass. to lock the mainshaft to the sleeve gear when tightened.

yes, I must admit and say I gave up and took it to a shop and they found I had not assembled back the tranny properly, they did not say waht it was.. when I pick the bike up this Saturday I will find out more I hope - it was my fault but none of us are perfect! They said the felt washar needed replacing as well - thold one had disintegrated. I missed that as well. doh!

Anyway, it will be back together in time for the pioneer run
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