Let me toss this out....

Jan 5, 2019
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Gremlin update: Negative wire replaced, new ignition switch installed... fire in the holes. Had to pull out the stay-up floats to get enough fuel in the bowls to start( don't want to go into that right now). Left cylinder not firing reliably( installed spare coil- good now). Idling very well, but need to clean carbs and probably go to center ring on needles because is exhibiting lean behavior since installing new needle jets. lots of popping through carbs when opening throttle & unstable running. Could just be crud.... cleaning shall show the path of enlightenment.
Supposed to cool off for a day or two next week so perhaps I can stay out/in there long enough to sort my baby out.... The 'Cascade Effect' caught me this time.
I know this is boring, but no one else knows what I'm talking about when I speak 'English'. They say they do, and then I see their eyes glaze over.