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Apr 15, 2004
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Here we go again. My black (fibreglass) tank is leaking again, this time from the left mounting stud. Can that be repaired or is the tank scrap? The only thing I can think of is to slop some resin around the outside. Doesn't seem like that would last very long though.

I can put the blue tank back on but it needs to be cleaned out and lined. When I ran it during the summer the carbs gummed up real fast.

leaky fiberglass roadster tank


I thought you had Ken Armann seal your tank.

It's unusual for a tank to leak at the front mounting stud. Is it possible there's a crack higher up and comes out on the stud? The most common leaks occur at the juction between the upper and lower shells. I've gotten pretty good at repairing the leaks with a Dremmel and round burr cutting along the crack then filling in with new polyester resin.

Hey, there's another fireflake blue roadster tank on e-bay right now.
Yes, I did have him seal it and it's been fine until now. It appears to be leaking from the stud although sometimes it's hard to tell exactly where a leak is coming from. This one only seems to leak when the stud is under tension (doesn't take much).

I saw that other tank! It's not nearly as nice as mine though. And at that asking price I doubt he'll sell it.

What I'd eventually like to do is get a polished aluminum tank, like the ones Walridge has been selling. Won't dissolve or rust, and would look nice just with some decals. $$$ though.

Good day Deb,

Sorry about your leaky tank, but I like your idea about an aluminum tank. Where/who is Walridge??? And how much do these aluminum tanks cost?

I purchased a master cylinder and controls for a '75 Commando from a seller on e-bay. But after 10 days I have yet to receive the parts. Reprtedly, they were shipped Priority USPS and should have been delivered in less than a week.

What recourse does a buyer have if they pay for a part purchased on e-bay but they never receive it?


Walridge is a brit parts house in Canada. I have their catalog but haven't ordered anything yet. Looks like they have an extensive inventory.

The Al tank is a little over $700 CAD according to the catalog I have. Pricey but I wouldn't have to pay hundreds more to get it painted. And it won't come with a bunch of bondo concealed by a bad paint job like the ebay tanks. They supposedly are also having steel roadster tanks repopped (I guess that's what you call it?) in India but I don't know how much those will go for or if they still have any available. I emailed him a while back and he said he was having a run of 50 tanks made. Those of course would need to be painted.

ebay deadbeat - sorry to hear. You could get his contact info from ebay and try calling him. If you don't get anywhere you have a few options. If you paid via paypal I think you can request a refund from them or you could do that with your credit card company, if that's how you paid. Ebay also has a buyer protection program with I think a $25 deductible. Perhaps that would help.

I have a similar situation with an off-ebay purchase. Bought a part from a local used bike dealer, paid with a check, three weeks later he still hasn't delivered. He has a different excuse each time I call. I guess all I can do is keep hounding him and eventually sue him in small claims court if he doesn't come through. Not sure it's worth the hassle though. This guy refuses to take credit cards or paypal, that should have been a red flag to me. Live and learn. Most sellers are honest and reputable but I guess there's always a few slimeballs out there.

I couldn't help but notice your ebay problems............
There is a bloke called Marshall Hagy that trades under many names from Chicago..
He is a crook/bad person/thief etc etc & uses many alias's now.
I have purchased many norton items from the USA via ebay.
He is the only person I have had aproblem with in over 100 transactions.
Ebay does nothing to really help, my only negative feedback is from that ..................He was paid via western union...........nothing I can do.

My ebay alias is nortonnutter if you care to see.


Ditto your comments about E-bay seller Marshal. I had trouble with him last year regarding the purchase of a points advance unit. I received the part but it was absolutely junk, unuseable!

l phoned Marshal about the problem. He appologized and said that a replacment advance unit would be sent out right away. I never received it. Subsequent phone calls and a letter did not get any results.

Well it has been two and a half years since I sealed up the Norvil repro Fastback tank. I used the Hirsch sealent for the job.
On the first coat I got a lot of debrey out of the cleaned tank (melting fiberglass). No junk on the second coat. I did have some thin spots. Called Bill Hirsch who said to rough up the thin spots and recoat a third time.
Walked into the smell of gas one morning and found the tank leaking from the underside about one inch from the seam of the bottom and top joining area. Called Bill Hirsch to tell him that there must have been some unseen thin spots in the tank linning because I now have gas inbetween the linner and the tank.
The tank now has a bumpy texure under the clear coat I applyed for the painted on lettering. I have to strip out the old linner and recoat with a fresh batch.
I now am looking into getting an old Atlas tank and doing the "Ross" conversion to Commando tunnel.
My other Fastback already has a 5 gallon Evan Wilcox alum tank.
Joining the leaky tank club again. norbsa
Hi Debby
I've done business with Waldridge a few times over a ten year period. Prices are good due to the exchange rate. Shipping can vary, some times it seems a little higher shipping from Canada. Speed varies as well, like many suppliers not everything is always immediately in stock. Been satisfied with their quality thus far. Bought both triumph and norton parts from them. They're active in vintage racing (VRRA) - always a bonus point in my book!
Hope this is helpful
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