Kickstart rachet assembly?

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Jun 2, 2005
welp after work today i got on her and kicked her over and the was no resistance... the kickstart went straight down. had to roll start her. the haynes says this is symptomatic of the ratchet assembly is worn. can anyone here tell me if its replacement is difficult and if not describe the process a bit. thanks, m

'75 850 MKIII
Before you start get a gasket set for the gearbox and a new kickstart ratchet tooth and spring. This is based on the assumption it is the kickstart ratchet tooth and or the spring that holds its out is are worn or broken. Worst case scenario is that all the internal teeth in the first gear are worn but that is very unlikely.

For details on how to get to the kickstart ratchet tooth go here for online manual.

Both inner and outer covers will need to come off but the fix is easy, hardest part is reassembly especially making sure the camplate is in the correct gear, but it is all explained in the manual.
Sounds like your pawl has finally let go. No big deal and very little cost .

If you don't have quick access to a parts supplier , buy a spare
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