Kickstart lever source?

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Apr 1, 2008
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New guy here. I'm looking for a source for a new kickstart lever with excellent splines. Or just a bung that is splined to make a folding one with. Anybody have a source. Thanks

RE: I left same message to your post on the other forum. If Walridge is asking $65.00 it's probably aftermarket. Beware of quality. I bought an Atlas one for $65.00 from British Cycle Supply. Quality wasn't an issue as I was going to cut it up and alter it but I did email B.C.S. back with a list of issues just to make them aware.
I guess I'll se how the quality is, because I ordered one. I'm not reall too concerned about the quality of the chrome. As long as the splines are correct. I may end up hacking mine up too. The Rabers ones are what I would like to end up with. But they dont carry them anymore.
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