JPN Seat Unit

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Jan 10, 2005
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Don't know if anyone can help on this. Since reliability appeared I do longer rides and am getting tired of fighting the wind all the time. The bike is apart for frame and ISO work etc so my brain? started going overtime, thinking about a fairing and rearsets etc.
I don't want to do a Norvil rep but I do want to use the fairing. However, I don't like the seat with it's number mouldings so I decided to create a lower version replica of the JPS seat unit....that was until I found one made by in CA. It looks too high to me but what are the opinions on this seat and a Norvil PR tank? Is it going to look stupid?
Does anyone know how the original JPS seat fixes to the bike? I will have to fabricate brackets and was thinking of using the Norvil design for the front but not sure about the rear?
Alternatively I leave the roadster seat and tank and just go for the fairing and clip-ons. Might look daft, what does anyone think? Thanks.
One of the problems with customization is you can spend alot of time and money on something and not have it work out. Even though it hurts you have to be able to absorb the loss. It's kind of like R & D.

That tail section does appear to be large and boxy. It may flow with the Norvil tank but I am not so sure it would flow with the Norvil fairing.
The JPN fairing is more boxy than the Norvil.
But hey, you never know till you lay it out.

My $.02
I just finished restoring a JPN. The seat mounts using 4 clamps that go around the rear frame seat rail and are bolted through into the rear humped piece. The original uses captive nuts but there is plenty of access for nuts and washers through the seat back. The seat becomes non removable but has the cuttout for the oil tank cap. I could try to get you pictures if you need.

Thanks guys, just the sort of feedback I was looking for. Mike you're probably right about the fairing though it sits Ok with the PR tank, even with such a mix of curves and straight lines.
That's an impressive collection you have there Terry. One piece of trouble is all I can only handle at a time. Thanks for the fastener description, Sounds like the Airtech repro part might fix in a similar way but yes, I would appreciate any pics you can upload somewhere. I'm sure other forum members would also like to see yr restoration of a fairly rare beast. Only know of three over here but don't live near or know the owners. Was it original?
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