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Jerry Doe

May 21, 2003
Hello all,

just checking in. I am still here. Super busy with my business!

Since the rebuild my 73 commando is really running well. Starting to open it up a bit now as I have about 500 miles on it. I love the pazon ignition!

Everything is great as expected except: :( Swinging arm oil is leaking out on inside o ring. It is a very slight leak that only drips after a ride. I cant be bothered to take swinging arm off to fix it now so I am just riding it. So its a pain to have an immaculate commado with that drip OH Well it will all be out soon...

Thanks for keeping the forum moving!


No, our thanks for keeping the forum running. It's still the best source for even some of us who think we've seen it all and think we know all the answers, I'm still learning! Glad the bikes running OK. I have the same S/A leak even with new parts and perfectly flat surface for the 'O' rings and minimal side clearance. Ditto the Pazon experience, though mine had a trigger coil go open circuit after 15 miles. They replaced it next day and has been fine ever since. Starting kickback from the Boyer Digital which has a more than normal low speed advance was driving me mad and it wasn't low voltage.
I too want to say TKS for this site, I rebuilt (completely) a 70 roadster last year, & am rebuilding a 69 fastback at this time. This site answered many of my questions, & provided much Norton inspiration & info, during this time!

Re the ingition I installed a Boyer on my 70 & the bike is a one kick starter (hot or cold) & runs perfect, (from idle to full throttle). I did also install two new amal carbs which likely helps in the starting & performance.
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