Iso clearance

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Dec 5, 2005
Hello all, I have managed to get hold of some of the INOA service notes, but I notice the iso clearance settings differ greatly from what I thought was the norm, I.E. 10 thou total.
The INOA notes quote 10 thou each side, for 20 total.

Please advise what is correct, I suspect 10 total, but seems funny the notes are so different?

Cheers Richard
I haven't read the INOA notes but every other book/manual reference I've seen says 0.010" is the 'ideal freeplay' (non-vernier type) and is the total clearance, as the instructions on checking and adjusting would seem to describe it (and how I've always understood it), although you can shim down to 0.005" for better handling but increased vibration (ideal clearance for 850 MkIII is given as 0.005/0.006").
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