Introducing myself and my Norton..

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Jul 20, 2007
Hello everyone!
Just bought my second british bike and my first Norton. It's a -70 Commando with Dunstall goodies, a Norvil fairing and original blue flake paint. So far so good.

The problem is that the previous owner stored it in a barn.. uncovered.. with the cylinder top of.. for 28 years! The bike is really in a horrible condition. I've deasembled it to the last nut, and the restoration is in progress. Goal is to fire it up in spring 2010. Since I'm just a happy amateur with engines my questions here will be.. many.

Great forum by the way!
/Jake, Stockholm Sweden[/img]
Hi Jake and welcome to the board and Norton ownership; i'm sure that someone here will be able to help you with problems as they arise during your re-build, we're all a friendly bunch so don't be afraid to ask!!
I for one look foward to seeing some pictures as the re-build progresses
2010? Man, I couldn't wait that long!

10 months is the longest I have ever had a bike out of commission. It was a Yamaha 650 that I made a street tracker out of. Waiting for parts (before the internet), and a job change were the reasons for such a long down time.
For me, I have found that the longer a bike is apart, the more pieces I am going to misplace.
Good luck with your new old bike, take pics!
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