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Hi all,

I was just GIVEN :shock: a 1975 850 Commando with 34mm Mikuni/K&N, which has been garaged for almost 20 years. I can't decide wether to do a complete frame-up retoration or not, but for now, I want to get it running.

I need about 15 parts, and don't know the best place to purchase them (I'm in No. CA). I've been on eBay scouting, but it looks like I might have to wait till the desired parts pop up.

For now, I need to clean out and Kreme the tank and rebuild the carb. My immediate needs are a carb rebuild kit, and the rubber flange, an ignition set with key, and a master cylinder rebuild kit (is there such a beast).

Once I get it running, I'll figure out my next step ... probably a complete resto.

OK ... enough babble for now :lol:
Welcome to the forum

Hi Dana,
What a great gift!
I will be posting some brake parts on the classifieds section this week, including a master cylinder.

If you are going to keep it original looking, I suggest doing a small modification to the master cylinder to improve braking.

Have a read of this string in the forum (if you havent already) to get an idea of what I'm talking about with the mod.

You can get all the new parts you need easily, but keep an eye on ebay, and have a look at the links section of this site and other sites to see where to purchase parts.

I usually get my parts from old britts, or britishmarketing, but there are many other places.

Please let us know how you get along, and send me some photos of the bike if you like and I will post them on the main section of the website,

New Norton Owner

Hi, Dana! I second Jerry's advice with a few additions. Join the INOA and your local chapter. I recommend a product from Bill Hirsch Automotive rather than Kreme. It has worked for me for years. Your isolastics may well have crapped out from sitting for years, so you may want to replace those, preferably with the newer MK3-type which you can get from Mick Hemmings or other vendors. You'll definitely want to check the swingarm spindle to see if it is loose. The Lucas ignition switch is basically pretty bad and costs a lot, so if you don't care about originality replace it with something else. DON'T use one of those universal switches from Pep Boys. I use a Sportster switch from Custom Chrome or somewhere like that.

Wow! Great information :!:

Thanks guys :D :D

Encouraging to hear parts are available.

I just LOVE this rebuilding hobby :lol:

Well, off to find carb parts for the Mikuni.

Thanks again,
Hi Stavenstumper,

LOL!! I have a friend who had to relocate, and needed to clean out his garage in a hurry. He gave me two bikes (the other, a 79 GS-750).

Just one of those things. It could easily have been an H2, or Triumph, etc.

It's growing on me :lol:
What luck! I guess that's called being in the right place at the right time.
I'm still looking for just that opportunity. I guess I can't complain. I have gotten a free snowmobile from the '80s and a dirt bike from the '70s ($100). Still looking for that un-restored Norton or BSA though...
I didn't know they were rare ...

I am very grateful!! ... and I'm treating her with care.

I just spent about 6 hours restoring the right handlebar switch assembly ... and I'm still not done :lol:

I'm even grinding off the the casting seams on the master cylinder housing ... now that requires seeing a good shrink :lol:
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