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Hi all! Ran into this site and thought I might get a bit of help witha question. Looking for a solo "Manx" type seat for my 72 interstate and I have found, what appears to be a nice seat offered by two firms in the states...but at also a very nice price. One firm is in Nova Scotia, the other somewhere, in Oregon i think...won't mention the names here, but they both advertise the same seat and both say the seat is manufactured in the UK by some firm that bought the original seat making tools which were used to do the seats up for Norton back in the 70's.
Naturally neither reseller states which firm makes these seats in the UK, but I would be rather interested to know, as I live in Germany and the thought of spending about 100 dollars just to get the seat sent to me , versus maybe 20 to get the same item shipped from the UK, and paying the import tax to reimport a EU made item, is for me rather stupid, aside from the fact that I might have to sell one of the kids just to pay the cost of the seat, before the Customs/tax get a chance to put thier bounty on it.
Anyone know who is doing these seats up in the uk? Or.......does anyone know of some other source for a good looking Solo seat beside these two resellers, or god forbid that funny lookin/expensive thing from Corbin? Many thanks for any input! Best! Greeting from the land of beer and pretzels...Piperboy
Go ahead and tell us the name of these companies. I thinking about doing something like that.

BTW welcome to the forum
I don't know the manufacturer, but Unity Equipe in Manchester ( has a selection of Manx seats.

I ordered a seat cover for my fastback and it came in a box with "REMAX Parts & Accessories" and a guy-on-a-bike logo. I can't find any trace of REMAX on the net - and I don't know if it is the original box either. It does have two handwritten part numbers on it, one for Norvil N104 and one for Walridge 06-0501C - my guess Norvil is ordering them up and selling wholesale.

Good luck.
Here are two companies in the UK - both claim to make norton seats inhouse.

"...manufacturing motorcyle seating systems for over 35 years."
Their product code is N104 ~ found the source of my cover, and their Canadian Distributor is British Cycle.:wink:

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"...34 year old familly concern."

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Thanks for info.....

Thanks everyone.....I will wait a few days to see if there are some more ideas and then get on the phone and call these places up...will let you all know what comes of it....

Fastback!!!!! Nice website you have put together there! Suggestion though.
I spent ten minutes looking for some kind of method to contact you.....add a "Contact" page or e mail link, or else will all those people that have those extra Fastback parts just lying around taking up all that valuable storage space under the bed.....get your address so they can help you finish the bike off? Just a suggestion, mind you.

By the way....this is sort of what I'm looking for credits must though go to OldBrits and Brit Cycles...don't want copyright complaints..I will remove the pics tommorrow or so...thanks!
Took the photos out of the net need to risk the ire of the people who took them.....thanks for all the info...if something pans out, I will post am update.....peace and ride safe! piperboy
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