Interstate/ Roadster tank switch

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Apr 30, 2004
Are the gas tanks compatible on either model? I'd like to buy an Interstate tank and switch the smaller tank out when I do the long range stuff. Thank you for the help.

I'm new to this site, but man, someone is doing something great here. It's appreciated.

Anyone got an Interstate tank for sale?
Interstate conversion


The Interstate tank will bolt onto your frame with no modifications. All the '74 models had the same frame and running parts. You will need at least the Interstate tank and seat however. The roadster seat will be too far forward to fit the Interstate tank. If you want a total look you will need the Interstate side panels as well. Plan on at least $1000 for the parts and more if they need painting. It's not a cheap conversion anymore. In 1984 I did this to my '73 750 at a cost of $500 for parts and paint, also included rearsets.

Since you're in Modesto you should look at our club website. I'm not too far away in Brentwood. I'm leading a ride to Mt Diablo on June 5.
Hi Roadster,

Welcome to the forum!! I agree ... this is a great place to get that obscure piece of Norton minutia :) We've got some nice folks here, and most are ready to jump in and help each other when needed. I know I would still be scratching my head at these bizarre threads and the parts they hold together if it weren't for fantastic advice from some of out more experienced Norton owners and buiders :wink:

BTW ... I'm an hour and ten away from you. As soon as this beastie gets rolling I'll head out to an NCNOC ride/meeting. I can just as easily pass through Modesto on the way.
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