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Jul 8, 2006
Hi guy/girls just a reminder Melbourne, Victoria N.O.C is hosting the International Norton Rally to be held March 7-11 2008 details can be found here
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Another great rally well wearth the stay is The All British Rally with more than 500 classic british bikes

regards joe
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Registration/enter form now avalible

Contact your local Norton Owners Club for further shipping details
sorry to be a pain but im trying to keep this freash any aussie or overseas poeple thinking of going please let us know.

where getting a good number from the UK and NZ shipping there bikes out

For overseas attendents now is your last chance to get your plans under way to attened.

you aussies start booking your annaual leave now for march.

cheers joe
Typical, Aussies will probably turn up an hour late!! after planning the day before!!
And my excuse/ Sorry can,t make it. I have commitments with the Family and children. But i'll be thinking of you all.
Hope you are able tp post pics and video.
I tried dealing with the shipping company Joe has mentioned, "Get Routed".

The organizers of the Australian Vincent Rally in 07 put this company forward as the shipper to use for international attendees. We found them impossible to deal with. His requirements for us were for something like a minimum of ten machines from each port. We had seven at our port, so he would not ship us. In additon, his price was very high at around $3,000 return for ocean shipping, as I recall. I knew this was high as I had just ocean shipped a single bike from Australia to Vancouver for $320 one way, handling the details myself.
In any case we could not meet his minimum shipment number in most ports, so he would not ship our bikes.
In Vincent circles the company became known as "Get Stuffed"

Those that did ship from my area Air shipped one or two bikes per shipment for approximately the same cost as Get Stuffed wanted for the mass ocean shipment.
The Vincent Rally in OZ did not get the good attendance that a V. Rally a few years ago in NZ did, and I think a good deal of this was due to the difficulties and costs involved in shipping. The NZ bunch had all of the shipping details worked out at a reasonable cost. One member had an empty warehouse that was used to store the Ocean shipping crates during the Rally. With the OZ Vincent Rally, no one stepped forward to do this and storage became a problem. Many people who had planned on attending just threw up their hands when they realized the difficulties ahead and saw that there would be no offer of help at the other end.

Joe, if you can make it easier in any way for people to get their bikes to and from OZ, it will increase attendance greatly. "Get Routed" did not work out for us.
Thanks for the info on your dealings with get routed, it does seem exspenive even if you could get the 10 bikes,, that = 30,000 to ship 1 container which would normaly cost about 4,000 each way,,,, mmmmmm not good
Last call for Norton international Rally, march 7th. the main event is at Axedale just outside of bendigo Victoria, If you show up with a 2 man tent you can still get in the gate, But dot exspect meals, theres a pub & general store within 500 meters walking distaince from the camp site,,, no more cabins avalible, only 3 weeks to go.

This is a long weekend in victoria.

see you there :D 8)

a couple of NZ's finest will be there to lower the tone.
Never been to Vic so looking forward to it on two counts.
Thats great, I'm a kiwi as well, I'v been trying to get a few old country man along, I take it you will be flying and joining in on the rally.

I look forward to meeting you guys,.I'll find yous from your accents :D :D

I won't be doing the hole tour but will be there for Axedale and the ride to mansfield,, cheers will see you guys there,,,, nice to see some kiwis caming to the party :D

cheers joe

yep we fly in on the Thurs, have booked a couple of bikes with Garners. I'm there for the whole rally but my offsider is going to the Melbourne GP the second weekend.
We haven't arranged anything for the Thurs night, thinking of doing some of the Great Ocean Road Thurs and then going cross country to the rally Fri am.

See you

Got my 850 into Melbourne on Tuesday 26th Feb from Perth WA. All OK and looking forward to being there next week. Can I register on the day?

Hy guys great your all caming,

ML yes you should be rite to just show up.

Theres a norton club meeting on the 5th of march at the leighoak club which is a pub in oakleigh on dandenong road, princess high way, (main road in Melb Sth east, Melways map 69 G6) for the briffing on the rally, starts at 6pm for meals, meeting starts at 8pm, came along and meet some of the guys/girls, you can also pay for your spot/campsite ect.

look forward to meeting you all.
Theres Also a ride going down the great ocean road on march the 3rd(mon & tues) and 4th as followed,,, Meet westgate bridge shell servo (melways 56 H1) at 8am for 8-30am depart lorne for lunch, returne via winchlsea or continue on for the twelve apostlies and overnight at warrnambool.
Hi Joe,

Also got another WA Commando in, the pair of us will rock up on Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing the bikes and all of you.

For those that didn't make it, i've just returned home after doing the full 10 days. What a great rally, a great cross section of people and bikes, and well organised in general and good riding roads. Near 40 degrees C heat posed a challenge for us soft Kiwi's but liberal doses of liquid coolant (to the riders not the bikes) sorted that.
Lots of Commandos (standard and custom) but also Dommi's and singles - incl a 1931 CS1 and a 1911 3 1/2 hp side valve. The latter completed a 90km or so run with no problems.
Surviving the Heat

Is someone organising a site for photos and travel stories (memoires) of the rally.
I'd love to see some pictures and i'm sure others would as well.

i'm glad to hear all went well!
Soft copies of digital photos were being collected daily at the rally, i believe these will be available shortly on or from the rally web site - may be a CD that can be ordered?.
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My offsider did a daily diary and we will have a completely unbiased article in our newsletter, which we would be happy to share - but won't be together for a week or few. Not sure what the locals were planning on that front.
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