international rally 2008

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Jul 8, 2006
Hi nortanians, yes thats right theres going to be a nort-a-thone in Melbourne land of OZ in 2008 march/aprill, your all invited, I dont know to meny details yet its to new at this stage,
Will be hosted by Victorian N.O.C appoved by the U.K. ganddadys of N.O.C.
I believe theres been a site found about 150ks out of Melbourne in kyantan, theres also ozzies biggest British Bike rally, THE ALL BRITISH RALLY in aprill. 8) 8)
So Came on you Yanks, Pom's, Kiwis, Euro's, canadans, flick a few $ in a jar per week came down under in 2008 and let us look after you, you will ride some of the best norton roads and see some of the best country in the world.

Where in planing stages at this point, so I will keep you up dated on events as thay unfold.
Melbournes came alive in March/Arill its party mouth, the weathers perfection, 25c-28c . (around 85f-100f)
Would be great to meet some nortiaians from all over, there will be accomadation and frieght packages aranged,(I dont Know at this stage)
Remmember when you guys ant riding becouse of winter we are.
regards joe. :D
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