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2019 International Norton Rally in Kampen, Netherlands

Discussion in 'Classic Motorcycle Events' started by slimslowslider, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. slimslowslider


    Jun 29, 2010
    Dear Norton fans,
    Online registration is open for the 2019 INR.
    This year the rally is in Kampen, in the Netherlands (Holland), from 20 to 24 June.
    Visit the website of the Dutch Norton owners club for information and registration.
    All Norton riders are most welcome!
    Cheers, Bennie.
  2. Dellis

    Dellis VIP MEMBER

    Jul 22, 2018
    Who’s heading off to the rally?

  3. Ricochetrider


    Feb 10, 2015
    I'd love to attend a Norton International someday.... won't be this year, but one of these summer weeks...

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