Empire Rally Australia

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Dec 5, 2005
There was seven or eight Commando'd in residence at the rally, together with quite a good collection of triumph triples and twins, with a few BSA's.
My mate and I covered 1600 small miles (KM) round trip, and I am happy to report troubelfree motoring was had in varied conditions from +36C to +10C in the early morning. The 2 gal tank allowed for plenty of rest stops and I did run short on the motion lotion just once. But luckily the BSA Rocket 3 had the big tank and a litter bug had dropped a coke bottle within arm lenght in the middle of nowhere, near Bemboka.
We averaged about 50mpg and speed wise 70mph was the normal cruise.
I was happy for a bike rebuilt only a couple of months previous. She did use some oil, about a litre in all, I guess that is fair?

Cheers All

Awww man! the weather here is terrible and you'll probably stuff us in the Ashes too.
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