Hock advice

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Dec 27, 2008
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Putting my '72 back together and I think the shocks are the originals as they are pretty beat and the notched adjusting collars seem frozen. Plus they bottomed out a couple times last summer going over rr tracks. I'm 250# and I ride a lot of twisty, turny, hilly stuff. Don't know much about shocks and want a good quality robust set w/o breaking the bank here's what was on there
Hock advice
Installed NJB's on both my Norton and Triumph, good quality (former Hagon engineer I believe) and the price is reasonable from Walridge. Mike will even supply them shrouded or naked to your likes...

I'm delighted with the Dave Quinn Hagon shocks I got three or four years ago. I told them I was 225 lbs. and wanted a taut solo ride that would give me enough preload damping to avoid bottoming on the oversized 18-inch rear tire with a passenger, which used to happen no matter what brand of Commando-spec shock I used. The softest setting is still just right after 40,000 miles or so--the shocks were about $275, I believe.

Tim Kraakevik
'72 Combat
Thanks for the replies. Got a set of nibs from clubman for 119 bucks I'll see how these do on the '72 and use either njbs or hagon on the '74
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