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Mar 23, 2010
hi just having a surf and found you lot here looks a cool site i am on the other side of the pond to many members over here in England i have a 1974 750 commando get some pics on soon so howdy doody and talk again :D
Also on the west side of the pond (and about as far west as you can get while you're still on the dirt!) now in Anacortes, Washington State (about 50 crow-fly miles south of the US-Canada border south of Vancouver). Former development engineer at N-V Wolverhampton before I emigrated to join Boeing. Now retired both from Boeing and a second job as a bus driver (kind of appropriate for someone from Leyland!).
Hi Dawg, looking forwards to seeing some pics - can't be many '74 750s around.

Frank - From Leyland, eh!?

Me too!

From Farington Moss to be exact- time served at Leyland Trucks, now also working on aircraft - but not the self-loading cargo type.
Just so we keep on-topic, here's a photo from last year's bike show at the Leyland Commercial Vehicle Museum (the old South Works, next to the Training Centre)

Unfortunately I didn't get any details of the bike or the owner.
hi there
Not open for further replies.