Heat Insulating Washers?

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Dec 5, 2003
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Now that I've got the valves out of the head I noticed that the exhaust valves only had the heat insulating washers installed, however a look at the parts manual shows them under the intakes too. Did the DAPO forget to install them or is the parts manual wrong? I kind of think that since the intake and exhaust valve springs are the same then maybe they both should have the washers but then the intakes are being cooled by the gas air mix soooo...

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When I pulled my 75 commando for the first time in 1977,it only had the insulating washers on the exhaust valves. Earlier models may vary.

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My parts book, which only covers the 750, shows the insulating washers on all four valves. However it notes that Combats only get them on the exhaust valves. I don't know what the 850s are supposed to have, maybe someone else does...

I did a little more research last night but still no clear answer! As Debby says the parts book shows the washers under both intake and exhaust and the top end rebuild kits come with 4 washers but the service manual only mentions putting them under the exhaust springs. We may need to consult the factory on this!

I just called the factory. They seem to be on an extended break.
They are not really necesary on the inlets, they were left out on the combats to avoid coil binding at full lift. Also if fitting a cam such as the pw3 they are also omitted for the same reason
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