Headstock Bearings 2

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Dec 26, 2007
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This is part 2 to my '68 Commando headstock bearing changeover. I am now at the stage to insert sealed bearings into the headstock.

My stem at the base is stepped up to .974" diameter. The inside diameter of my sealed bearing is .982".

QUESTION 1: It seems to me this would not be acceptable slop & someting to shim-up would be necessary?

QUESTION 2: Either that or remove the stepped up portion on the lower stem & insert a proper diameter sleeve??
I agree 8 thou is unacceptable at this point, this will be magnified by the length of the forks and half the wheel. I would go with the remove the stepped part and use a newly machined spacer. A full circle 4 thou shim will breakup when the forces created by braking are exerted on it.
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