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I changed to a Grimeca Master Cylinder last year but was never happy with the fit of the switchgear or the tightness of the M/C on the handlebars.

With a bit of bench grinding on the switchgear it all fitted well.

That's when the headlight problems started.

The low beam would not turn on. The high-beam flash would work - as did the horn.

Suspecting a blown headlight bulb I attempted to change for a new one. This is where I learned about H4 55W bulbs - which of course don't fit. They have flanges that stick out and no way will fit in a Lucas reflector unit. The existing headlight bulb had been tailored to fit - looks like previous owner had filed a car bulb to fit.

I used tin snips to modify the new bulb and get it to fit.

Of course the bulb was not the problem - it was the switchgear. Not sure if it was over tight or to loose.

There is something to be said for sticking to the standard kit.

At this stage the score is Norton = 1, TT = 0.

NB. There was a 'blue' Halogen 55/60W unit for sale (with the extended flanges). Has anyone used these?
When I decided to throw out the manuals and move past stock I had to do some fettling. I went to a Brembo GP radial master cylinder and a universal modern switch cluster. I had to do some translations between the new wiring and the old harness and even then kept playing with connections to get what I wanted. I dig the simple turn signal cancel (just push in on the switch). I installed a halogen headlight and drilled an opening in the reflector for a running light. If I don't have the headlight on, the flasher activates it. If the headlight is on ( high or low) the flasher does nothing. I ought to wire it up so the flasher toggles between high and low, but getting electrics to function at all on these machines is a victory.

Also, I am running a Boyer ignition, Boyer power box, Dyna Dual output coil and generic heavy duty flasher relay. The only thing Lucas in the system is the alternator, which is about to be upgraded to the 3 phase unit.

Lastly, at times my rear turn signals refused to work. I found that the design depends upon the chromed plastic for ground. I ran new ground wires out to the wiring harness and they function flawlessly now.

Hope some of this is of help....


Not open for further replies.