Headlight assembly question

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Jul 20, 2008
My basket case came without a headlight so I've purchased an Emgo 7" universal bullet shaped shell/rim and a 7" halogen headlight assembly from rockypoint. The headlight assembly is sloppy loose in the shell with the rim attached. What keeps this assembly tight? Oldbritts shows qty 1 retaining wire clip, is this it?
I can't recall how many clips I have in place, holding the rim and lite together. Four or five should do.
I had this same problem when I switched from stock to the one from rockypoint. The clips weren't tight at all, and there's no way to really adjust them. I bent them just a little, and then used a bunch of silicone to seal it to the outer ring
littlefield said:
Oldbritts shows qty 1 retaining wire clip, is this it?

The parts books list the quantity of 504665 wire clips as 6, not 1, and you will need at least 4 or 5 of them to hold the reflector unit securely in position.

pelican said:
yes, kind of like little w's

And they are often called "W clips".
You need to bend the arms of the 'w' clips in a little. Then hook the bit in the middle of the 'w' on the light rim, and hook both ends of the w clip under the lip of the rim. The more clips the better! If the headlight unit seems loose in the rim then try the clips the otehr way round.
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