Headlamp Bracket

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Dec 29, 2007
I have a 12/69 Fastback with chrome headlamp brackets which require rechroming. Was told when I purchased the bike that they were not chromed from the factory. There are pictures on web that look like sales phamplets with info about the 69 model showing chrome brackets. The phamplets are not original English Norton type but may be for the American market. Do I rechome or paint them black? Bike came from America and still has the bright green iridescent gel coat tank and tail.
The majority of Fastback headlamp brackets were black, although some brochure photos do show chrome brackets, they were optional apparently, (according to the author Roy Bacon in one of his 'Norton' books) but it must have been a fairly rare option as this question was asked here some time ago, and I don't think anybody mentioned then that they'd actually seen chrome brackets on new Fastbacks?
Chrome brackets appeared on the '70 Fastback, but the parts books show black or chrome for the '69 model also. All the '69's I have seen were black.

The fact that your bike was built in December of '69, it is probably a '70 model. My '73 MkV was built in November of '72 as a '73 model.
Thanks for the help. I will go with the chrome as your replies indicate it could have been original and I am trying to stay as original to the way it was supplied.
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