Head stud question

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Apr 2, 2008
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I have the head off my Mk I 850 and I remember reading something about siliconing a couple of the head studs before reassembly to prevent a potential oil leak. I have never done real well with the search function on this site so I am unable to locate the post with this information. Any help with this information and any other must dos when reinstalling the head would be greatly appreciated.
Well the two studs under the exhaust tracks can be drilled and tapped much deeper and have the deep type "helicoils" installed for a much stronger set up. If you break though into the port by drilling too deep, it can be repaired with high temp JB Weld. Could this be what you speak of?
hi i think it is the 2 small studs at the front next to the pushrod tunnels that benefit from being loctited in
Yes, it's the two front studs near the pushrod tunnels. If you remove the studs and take a look you may find the holes have broken through into the tunnels (even without helicoils). One of them was broken through on my 850.

I like to use red loctite on them. High temperature silicone would work also I suppose.

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