Harley coil

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I have used them on several Norton's. you have to watch the primary resistance as most electronic ign need at least 3 OHM's on the primary side. harley had coils with less but the best I have found is the standard blue streak brand with 4.6 OHM's.
CNW offers a Crane Cams coil that fires wasted spark style, this is compatible with the TriSpark and Pazon ignition systems, at least. CNW even supplies you with cooler plugs, 7 series NGKs

I believe that Crane had originally intended this hi-performance piece to fire off big twin Harley types, which is very significant beacuse when the Neanderthals get through with super lumpy cams, higher compression pistons and things like Thunder-jets and open pipes they are really soaking the cylinders on filling; follow a modified big twin and you can smell it for hundreds of feet; anything that can relaibly fire those plugs has got to be worth some consideration.

Hi , I have been given an accel super coil and being a electric retard was wondering if any body could draw me a basic diagram to wire this up with my boyer ? i have an idea but dont want to bugger anything up !!!

ps can i give this coil a "thin" coat of matt black without stuffing up any heat dispertion ? i dont really want my bike looking like a parrot !!!
Thanks Blaise
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