Great Deal

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Hmm...that's unusual. A chopper with a front brake and no back brake!!
Good Deal???

I think the better deal would be to buy a big ass insurance policy on whoever buys this bike and is going to be riding it. A bike with only a front brake and not a rear brake is an accident waiting to happen. This is a first for me on a brake set up like this. Good luck!@! semper fi
Wow, I guess you can sell anything on Ebay! Lot of money for a 'pig in a poke'. I once bought a Norton chopper with similar description. "The engine is stuck, I can't kick it over". Boy, was it ever!! Pulled the plugs, pistons were at different heights. pulled the jugs, found a rod wrapped around the crank :!: The transmission was toast, also!
( I bought it for the fastback bodywork, headlite assembly, and front wheel, to fix my crashed Hi-rider.)
Turns out he ran it out of oil, and it let go at 70+mph, which also explained the matching trans condition.
I couldn't even use the frame, 'cause it was the original Commando type with the sheetmetal steeringhead brace. Strangely enough, it was the first Commando brought into the USA by the Importer, according to our Norton Sales Rep. He said they had a custom two tone paint job done on it, plus pulled off a lot of the aluminum parts and had them polished. This was then shown to the dealers to entice them to place orders. They were a little annoyed when the bikes they received didn't look the same :lol:
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