Godet tribute

Off my printer I guess. Sorry , I was thinking "The Vintagent" might be a magazine.
A great read on a sad subject.

"The Vintagent" is Paul D’Orléans a regular contributor to The Classic Bike Guide magazine (amongst other things).

I don’t want to appear rude, but, this statement below appears to be somewhat inaccurate as it appears to be the entire production of Vincent V twins!

In 1991 Argentina lifted restrictions on the export of its ‘national treasures’. These included some 800 Vincent HRDs imported from 1946 to 1950 when the going was good there (not so good in England). The first production Lightning, first Series C Shadow and other glories were said to be among them. Most, in fact, were destined for the Federal Police and Peron’s Presidential Guard, plus a few ”playboys” who would ”tit up and down the Avenida 9 de Julio” (my translation, from memory).
There were about 6,800 twins produced according to the VOC Registrar, so 800 to Argentina is entirely possible.
The UK government had an " export or die" policy in place after WW2.
They wanted goods sent out and money coming in to replenish things after huge financial losses from the war.
The UK owed billions to the US and Canada ( US debt finally repaid in full with interest only recently)
The Police force of Argentina was a great fit.
Phillip Vincents father owned a large cattle ranch there and hobknobbed with the rich and powerful.
It wasn't hard to convince the Argentinian Government officials that the Argentinian Police should own the fastest production vehicle ( 2 wheels or 4) on the planet.
I'll bet the police thoroughly enjoyed those bikes.

My own small tribute to Patrick: use it as he intended (at least, as best I can)…!

(pic courtesy of Ralph aka storm42)
That's nice Eddie. Funny how you underate your riding ability.
Well, I’ve been riding at Cadwell for 25 years, so I do indeed know how to ride the circuit. And the bike is fast, so we were lapping respectably quickly I’d say.

But there is a big difference between being ‘respectably quick‘ on a track day… and taking home the silverware at a race meeting !
Super cool, super nice shot. I've never ever seen one on the back wheel Eddie !
Just simply great camera work, Ralph. Thank You both.