Gathering of Norton in PA

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Jul 10, 2004
:roll: Yesterday I attended the 12th annual Gathering of the Norton at Washington Crossing Historic Park in Bucks County PA. This event was very well orgainzed by the Delaware Valley Norton Riders (DVNR). From this gathering members of DVNR and guests were invited to a fantastic BBQ at a farm in Ottsville, PA, about 30 miles from Washington Crossing.

I'd guess there were about 35-40 Nortons at the initial venue, along with at least 4-500 other bikes (was a really nice day), and perhaps 20 Nortons at the BBQ.

I rode my '72 cafe machine there and it performed very nicely on the road! For part of the ride there, and a part on the way home I used the PA Tpk and we cruised VERY smoothly at 65-70 mph.

See pictures on my site at I made a link to "Gathering of the Nortons". ALSO be sure to look at "Taxonomy of Motorcycle Cliques" written by a very clever fellow. I am proud to be a member of TWO of his groups (my other ride is a BMW K1200LT).

Stuart Ostroff
Delaware Valley Norton Riders

I contacted Stuart today about this post he made on 4/18/05, regarding making contact with the Delaware Valley Norton Riders group. He replied quickly and graciously that, having sold it, he doesn't run a Norton anymore.

OK. I live in central Montgomery County PA. I own, and ride, a '72 750 Combat Roadster, and would love to meet up with this local Norton bunch.
I have tried to contact these folks, to no avail.

Does anybody out there in the forum know access emails, addys, etc. to get in touch with this group? Hey, I'm retired- I could help with the '08 INOA gathering in PA!

Need some help here, Brethren

Curtiss P-40b
I'm a little north of Baltimore. Are there any Norton activities within a reasonable ride from there?
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