Frame Plate Orientation Survey

Jun 28, 2009
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I think this must be right. My 72 Interpol has no date stamp. I have checked with NOC, AN and VMCC and all of them have no dates recorded for mine or a whole batch of Interpols around my number.
I figure that a batch of bikes were built as Interpols and moved into a separate area for final build and the date was never recorded or stamped At the time of despatch. Mine is an early 200xxx, which should be a January build, but was not registered by the Police until August.
As I've found out, there are gaps in the factory records in '72 which aren't just limited to Interpols - I have a Combat from July '72 which there's no record of, but it came back from Florida a couple of years ago; 'returned to Country of Manufacture' as one customs form stated.