fork springs again....sorry

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Sep 26, 2009
Summer is well and truely here...well up in the northern Hemisphere anyway,and most forum members are riding their commando's ,some equiped with the lansdowne dampers :D

Me...well i am spending some of the summer in the work shop, testing the Lansdowne Spring kit.

There is over 2000 members in the forum. with approx 2% using the Lansdown kit. which suggests ...well you work it out! the reason i have posted this topic,,,,

To compile a feed back from your riding ..simple question ; Do you consider your fork springs to be suitable for your requirments?

Simple answer......your weight....and " way to soft", a " bit soft"....just right....a bit to firm...or way to firm .and if a bespoke spring was available to improve your forks would you change it? {thats to all commando riders]...not just the lucky 2% :lol:
Regards lansdowne Eng
Jul 31, 2009
No, they tend to be too soft.

225 pounds.

Somewhere between a bit soft and way too soft.

if a firmer spring was available I would want it.

(I sent you a PM also)
Oct 19, 2005
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I'm 170 lb suited up - factory springs too stiff for little bumps and
and jars bars an seat to my teeth on big almost bottoming impacts,
like pot hole edges, fist size rocks, road washboards, yet
not enough spring force to keep from bottoming on stuff should just guide over.

Almost to a man, standard available progressive springs reports
are too soft for brake diving as well as bottoming too easy.

Peel snagged last of a custom 3 rate progressive spring that
works a treat along with a Ford tractor valve spring.
Allows about an inches of easy rate then fast rate rise
that is delicious to experience.

I'm going to modify my buddies '71 forts similar to the way
I did Peels, Greg Fauths 6" travel kit, factory spring plus
Ford 8-9N valve springs used from a mechanics parts bin
or new. I hated riding his Cdo below 50 mph and was
scared a few days ago by its fork fight just swooping curves at nearly
legal or marked traffic speeds.

Could stack a few different springs in there to fine tune rates to
your size and style. Cutting spring shorter stiffens it, so in addition
to the progressive valve spring, an even lighter spacer only spring could
be tried and would allow sag factor restored to factory
if taller fork stance undesired. Main thing is not to get coil
bind. This can be done with or w/o the extra fork travel kit.

Jun 14, 2007
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190#. Progressive fork springs, Fauth mod with Clubman dampers and Bel-Ray fork oil - I forget the weight, it was whatever Greg suggested.

Just right.


Nov 20, 2004
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My weight, approximately 14 stone/196 lbs/89kg. Lansdowne kit, with RGM progressive fork springs, 10W fork oil, seems about right for me and my riding style.
Nov 5, 2006
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at 175 lbs and with your dampers (love 'em) and progressive springs ( with a 1/2 PVC tube ring placed in there) my springs are close-
but i like my front end stiff
Jul 14, 2008
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When I first fitted Johns kit I thought I'd do the right thing and put in some new progressive springs,after a recent excursion into a drain I rebuilt the forks using the std springs, personally I like the std springs with the lansdown kit, the progressive springs were to soft at the start and made the front end dive to fast and then become very harsh at the end of the travel.Probably why I struggled a bit getting the damping set .
14 1/2 stone,std springs, 10w oil, seems okay to me
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