Fastback Tailpiece Assembly

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Dec 26, 2007
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I would like to know the propoer sequence of parts installation for the upper shock bolt area on Fastback tailpiece, so my seat will "seat" propoerly.

Does the shock bolt go through the fibreglass flange or does the the hole in the flange slip over the shock bolt after the bolt is installed?

My immediate issue is that the way I have it (bolt through flange) the metal "U" flanges on the seat will not extend low enough to be locked in place by the knob attached to the shock bolt. The '68 & other parts books don't show this assembly very well.

Thanks all!
I couldn't help but notice you had a YDS3 in your lineup - here's a photo of my '68...

Fastback Tailpiece Assembly

It hasn't been run in a while, and it's neither street legal nor track ready, so one of these days it's going one way or the other.

(I'm not in any hurry)

Yes, the shock bolt goes through the fibreglas tailsection wing. There is no other way this will fit.

What you have discovered is the problem with most aftermarket fastback seats. Original seat pans fit closer to the curve of the tailpiece and the tabs for the seat knobs are slightly cranked outward. I have a couple original seats and three aftermarkets, and even the originals don't fit as well a I would like.

You need to look at the curve at the rear and reshape as necessary so the seat sits down in the tailpiece. Many aftermarket seat pans also have tabs that are simply too short to fit. After careful bending and reshaping, I have sometimes had to simply make new, longer tabs and cut off the originals.

If you can find an original pan, it is a much easier starting point. Have new foam and cover added. Most aftermarket seats stick up too far at the rear also. I undestand RK Leighton seats are the closest fit of all aftermarkets.

Good luck. :roll:
I have more of a question regarding how to use the functions of the Board itself. In this group of posts Grandpaul refers to a photo of his bike. My question is how does one see that photo or is it just for the person to see that he is addressing? Thanks, I'm just trying to enjoy the Board more.
Yellow_Cad said:
In this group of posts Grandpaul refers to a photo of his bike. My question is how does one see that photo or is it just for the person to see that he is addressing?

Anybody should be able to see the photo of the Grandpaul's YDS3 included in his message, and any other photos included in any other messages?
Thanks L.A.B. I have seen some posts on this board that have a photo but I have seen quite a few that refer to a photo (like Grandpaul) and yet I don't see any photo. Do I need to click on something when there is a reference to a photo and I don't see one or is my computer just not picking the photo up?
Your computer could be blocking some of the photos?

Possibly your firewall or browser settings are not allowing them to show for some reason?

Do you see an icon or a box in messages where the photos should be?
All of a sudden I get Grandpaul's photo. I have been in there a few times today and no photo but this time it was up right away. The previous times it had plenty of time to load. Puzzling but at least it's there. Maybe it will happen regularly now. Thanks L.A.B.
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